"iNSGNFCNCs RMXs" project

July 3, 2014

Various artists are invited to remix my works, mostly from "Indispensable Insignificances" album, in return, I remix one track from each and every artist involved in this project. As a long term project, this will be updated with new tracks every now and then.


Current tracklist:(All available on Bandcamp)


01.  Broken Thoughts - Minuscule Part of the Future (Remixed by Silentcat)

02.  Broken Thoughts - Indispensable Insignificances (Remixed by Mosquito Control)

03.  Broken Thoughts - Expanding Randomness (Remixed by iimmune)

04.  Broken Thoughts - No One Has Gone Back to the Moon (Remixed by Baishui)

05.  Broken Thoughts - VY Canis Majoris (Remixed by 桑泉)

06.  Broken Thoughts - The Uncertainty Principal (Remixed by Year Zero)

07.  Broken Thoughts - Dark Forest Theory (Remixed by Cong from Unrest in Shadow)

08.  Broken Thoughts - Tiny Rainbows on the Wall (Remixed by KM Snare)


09.  Mosquito Control - Ex-Christian, Reborn Alcoholic (Remixed by Broken Thoughts)

10.  iimmune - Dextromenthorphan (Remixed by Broken Thoughts)

11.  Baishui - 爾雅 Pt.2 (Remixed by Broken Thoughts)

12.  桑泉 - 继续的理由 (Remixed by Broken Thoughts)

13.  Year Zero - YYT (Remixed by Broken Thoughts)


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